FAI questionnaire

I'm very interested in your experiences with fai, bug reports, new ideas,...
Please send this questionnaire to   fai @=@ fai-project.org
All replies to this questionnaire are available at https://fai-project.org/reports

Thanks in advance Thomas

last edited: november 22, 2018

How many hosts have you installed using fai? 
Which version of fai are you using? 
Which version are you using as your install kernel? 
      (eg.: plain Debian kernel)
      (eg.: custom build kernel 2.6)

Which types of hosts are you installing with fai?
      (eg.: desktops, cluster nodes, notebooks, web server, mail server,...)

How do you boot your hosts?
 via network (PXE, DHCP):
            using FAI-CD:
	  from USB stick:

Does the default install kernel recognize all your hardware?
Which drivers are missing?

Do you manage your configuration space under version control?

How big is your config space (Mbytes, # of files)? 
cd  (/srv/fai/config by default)
du -sh --exclude=.svn --exclude=basefiles
find ! -type d | grep -v svn|grep -v cvs|fgrep -v .git|wc -l

How many files do you have in ../config/files?
find files ! -type d | grep -v svn|grep -v cvs|fgrep -v .git|wc -l

What types of scripts are you using for local customization?
(shell, perl, cfengine, puppet, expect,...)

What is the business of your company/organization (please add name and link)?

You can also add some words, how you are using FAI in your company.
Additional comments:

Do you have some nice pictures of your installation? 

I would like to mention your name or email address and your company's
name on the FAI web page where I like to collect all questionnaires of
the FAI users.

May I publish your name?
May I publish your email (it will be obfuscated to fool the spamers)?
May I publish the name of your company?
May I publish the logo of your company?
    This will be published on https://fai-project.org/references/
May I publish your pictures?