Author of FAI

Thomas Lange: lange @ informatik. uni-koeln dot de, Mrfai on #fai

Talks of Thomas Lange.


Contact / Support

  • E-mail: fai no-spam for feedback, suggestions and comments
  • You can also talk to Mrfai on #fai on
  • If you have any question, please use the mailing list
  • You can also use the mailing list for feedback, comments
  • Bugs should be reported via the Debian Bug Tracking System (BTS)



Professional support

  • Worldwide commercial support for FAI is available from the author himself. Have a look at Send an email.
  • The author also gives tutorials at Linuxhotel.
  • There are also other companies that have know-how in FAI and can help you. Just ask on the mailing list or IRC for help.