FAI cluster installations

  • A new Beowulf cluster at EDF (200 Tflops) which is 43rd in the latest TOP500 (June 2011), was partially installed using FAI.
  • A huge cluster called ATLAS containing 1342 nodes at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (2008). questionaire entry,top500.org entry German article,another article
  • Experience gained in building a Linux cluster for GOL by Lorenzo Campo and Daniele Manetti (2006)
  • A very detailed guide (in pdf) how a specific cluster was set up using FAI. (FAI 2.4, 2005)
  • HPC2N Opteron Cluster Sarek is a 192 node dual AMD Opteron cluster, listed at rank 168 in the top500.org list in june 2004.
  • A 25 node dual-CPU AMD Opteron 1.4GHz called RAVANA.
  • The IA64 cluster called Lucidor was listed on place 354 in the Top500. (2003)
  • The HPC2N Super Cluster Seth with 120 dual Athlon nodes. This cluster was on the 94th position in the top500.org supercomputer list in june 2002
  • The 100 Robots Project (2002)
  • The university of California Santa Barbara has a 16 node dual AMD 1.8Ghz Beowulf cluster for database and distributed systems research
  • 23 nodes with Athlon XP are used by the TIK Experimental Cluster Scylla. (2004)
  • A 21 nodes with dual XEON 2.4GHz Beowulf cluster called shiva build with FAI 2.4beta. A detailed report
  • A 21 nodes AMD 1GHz Beowulf cluster called hydra
  • A 28 nodes AMD 1GHz Beowulf cluster build with FAI 2.5beta used for molecular thermodynamics and simulation
  • A cluster at the department of Physical Resource Theory at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg/ Sweden. 10 Nodes with a total of 13 CPUs.
  • A Beowulf cluster called Biowulf/IME with 16 nodes of 1.2 GHz AMD Athlon used for bioinformatic applications.
  • Several clusters at Matsulab of the Tokyo Institute of Technology are installed using lucie, which is a mixture of FAI and some other tools like ganglia, nagios, dolly+ and others. Most FAI tasks are rewritten in ruby but have the same functionality. They installed following clusters with lucie: Presto I, Presto II, Presto III, OBI Grid Cluster
  • Notes and foils of building a Beowulf cluster from a winter school in 2001.

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