Roadmap for FAI

These are topics that are important for the next FAI release. If you have any suggestions or like to work on a topic, please get in contact before you start working.

Topics for FAI 5.X

  • --- TODO ---
  • relax and recover from testing and release process!
  • --- DONE ---
  • new command for building cloud images with FAI
  • btrfs and NVMe support for setup-storage
  • replace live-boot with dracut in fai-cd
  • support for cloning machines with file system images
  • major update of FAI guide
  • --- TODO's for the next versions ---
  • new option for fcopy, that replaces variables in the source file. Use %%_VARIABLENAME_%% ? check a mail concerning that
  • fai-monitor-gui: new option, remove host if everything went fine
  • add option -l to fai command. List status of fai. Show list of classes, date of last fai action
  • --- LONG TERM ---
  • zfs support?

Wed, 14 Sep 2016 13:09:53 +0200