FAI.me. Build your own installation ISO for Debian

The FAIme service had a bug that was discovered on Feb 13. It created broken ISOs, which did not boot or didn't detect any disks. This was fixed on Feb 13 22:10:26 CET 2024

This image will do an unattended installation of Debian and the selected applications. No network connection is needed, since all packages are on the installation media. You can write this image to an USB stick or CD. Legacy BIOS and UEFI are supported.
All data on the first disk will be overridden without any further confirmation.

Toggle between basic/advanced settings

Username (Not the full name)

User password (or the hash)

If not set, a password will be generated

Language and keyboard layout


Which desktop to install

Select additional software

Add packages to be installed

Separate with spaces, multiple names on one line are fine

Email (optional)

You will be informed when the image generation is finished
  • You should change the user and root password after installation
  • For the keyboard layout we assume Generic 105-key PC
  • To change the keyboard layout call dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
  • The timezone will be set to UTC. To change the timezone call dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Any feedback is welcome. Send an email to FAI.me =at= fai-project.org