FAI.me. Build your own Debian cloud image

This FAI.me image is a bootable disk image that can be used with any virtual machine. It's running a 64bit Debian Linux.

Disk size in Gbytes (≤99):

Disk image format:

Host name:

Username (Not the full name)

User password (or the hash)

If not set, a password will be generated

Root password (or the hash)

If not set, sudo will be configured for the user account

Upload SSH keys for the root account.
Upload a file or use an username for github, gitlab or Debian gitlab or specify a custom download URL.

Git user name or custom URL

Language and keyboard layout


Which desktop to install

Select additional software

Add packages to be installed

Separate with spaces, multiple names on one line are fine

Email (optional)

You will be informed when the image generation is finished
  • You should change the user and root password after installation
  • For the keyboard layout we assume Generic 105-key PC
  • To change the keyboard layout call dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
  • The timezone will be set to UTC. To change the timezone call dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Start this disk image with: kvm -m 2G -hda imagename

Any feedback is welcome. Send an email to FAI.me =at= fai-project.org