FAI.me. Build your own cloud image or an installation image

This FAI.me image is a bootable disk image that can be used with any virtual machine. It's running a 64bit Debian Linux.

Disk image format

Language and keyboard layout

Select a distribution     Enable backports including newer kernel

Which desktop to install

  • Debian developer tools
  • Web server
  • Print server
  • Openssh server
  • Standard system tools
  • Non-free Linux firmware

Additional packages to be installed:

Separate with spaces, multiple names on one line are fine

  • For the keyboard layout we assume Generic 105-key PC
  • To change the keyboard layout call dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
  • The timezone will be set to UTC. To change the timezone call dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
  • You should change the user and root password after installation
Start this disk image with: kvm -m 500 -hda imagename

Any feedback is welcome. Send an email to FAI.me =at= fai-project.org